Julia's Hand-Held Shower Head

Julia Miles - Solo Big Tits video
It's shower time with Julia again! "Hand-held shower heads are best because I can get to all the good spots," Julia said. The good spots? "You know, my pussy." Oh, the good spot. But Julia has good spots, too. Her tits. "Hand-helds are best for that, too, because I can get underneath," she said. "I love having a clean, soft bosom." Julia says that when she moves into a new house or apartment, the first thing she does is change the shower heads. "Sure, I love masturbating in my bedroom," she said. "But there's something so much nicer about doing it in the shower. It's wetter." But of course!

Member Comments

Julia ist der Traum eines Naturbusenliebhabers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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